Why PharmCRM?

PharmCRM is an interactive pharmacy Platform which will give you several advantages added to your workflow:

01 We Make Difference:

PharmCRM will Make a real difference to your workflow and will Positively impact your workflow in term of Time, Effort, Cost saving & ultimately profit driven.

02 Will Save You Real Time:

Via Data and facts consolidation in one portal where you can navigate through your pharmacy sections with just one click. PharmCRM will offer functionalities to Assign Tasks, Create Logs, Monitor Tasks fulfillments, Utilize premade templates, and Many More.

03 Will Save You Effort:

Redirect Your effort toward other tasks and let PharmCRM manage your complexity of the pharmacy workflow, With our predesigned templates, Drug data, Documentations Sections and subsection, Delivery and shipping Features, etc. It is only a matter of time until you realise that PharmCRM is at your side and will be your strongest Asset.

04 Will Save You Cost:

PharmCRM is another survival skill that has been designed by Pharmacists working in independent Businesses and can relate to independent owners just like you. Managing a pharmacy is associated with huge expenses and costs. Some operations can eat substantial amounts of your profits and revenues such as (Marketing, Delivery Driver Gas, Errors and Mistakes, Operational Costs, and Others).

With pharmcrm’s pre designed and customized marketing templates and internal messaging system for customers and providers, your pharmacy marketing will never be so easy and rewarding.

With pharmcrm’s maps and delivery you can make the perfect route for your driver to deliver to your customers in a timely manner and with least expenses. with pharmcrm delivery features you can create logs with details and minimize any error of shipping.

Secure Portal

PharmCRM is a 100% HIPAA compliant portal with Military Grade Encryption. Your data is Frequently backed up and protected. Main Admins can regulate roles, authorizations, and accessibility for users under their accounts. PharmCRM also requires periodic Password change as desired by the admin and log out after prolonged inactivity. PharmCRM is also looked at by many users as a Data Savior in emergencies.

EU - U.S.

Privacy Shield Certified



256-bit AES

Military Grade Encryption


PharmCRM offers a plethora of Scientific and logistic resources including Drugs data, Care Plans, Patient Assessments, Maps, Templates, and Many More. These resources will allow your team to conduct day to day operations smoothly, efficiently and Smartly.

PharmCRM also has a compliance portal for your documentations and in accordance with the federal and states regulations. Our Compliance Portal has sections and subsections for licenses and other documents. With PharmCRM Compliance section stay at the top of your compliance.

PharmCRM Helps You to satisfy most PBMs requirements with full compliance.